Virus warning--Washing your hands!

May 14, 2020
Latest company case about Virus warning--Washing your hands!

As COVID-19 ravages the world, Governments have launched a series of countermeasures. Ukraine ministry of culture recently launched a creative campaign against the epidemic with the creation of the famous painting, which is full of humor.

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"With the spread of covid-19, even lovers should not be too close to each other, and contact without a protective device is definitely not allowed."--From the Greek myth Orpheus and Eurydice


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"During the epidemic, god's fingertips changed from touching Adam's life to rubbing hand lotion."--The representative of Michelangelo created Adam


Ukraine ministry of culture used humorous and creative drawings to emphasize that it is really important to wearing masks and washing hand during the epidemic!

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The stainless steel sink, of course.


There are many materials used to make sinks, quartz, granite, copper, cast iron, new materials, etc., but the most popular is stainless steel, why?

First, because stainless steel is durable and affordable, if you have a stainless steel sink in your home, using it for a decade or so is not a problem as long as you use it properly.

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