kitchen sink is easy to scratch? NO, we won't let it happen

April 29, 2020
Latest company case about kitchen sink is easy to scratch? NO, we won't let it happen

When I investigated the sink information of some shopping webs, I found a very common review that is "the sink is very easy to scratch"

Stainless steel surface like a little baby need to careful care. In the choice of stainless steel sink, or in the daily use of how to avoid the surface of the sink scratches?

First, a sink grid is a good partner, lay it on the bottom of the sink when you work, it can protect the sink from the scratches effective.Click the link to our sink grid.

You can also choose the sink with PVD coating, this coating has many advantages, not only oil and bacteria resistant, but also scratch resistant, when you wash knives, forks or pots in the sink, do not worry about the damage they cause to the surface of the sink, and PVD coating is available in a variety of colors, such as copper, black, gold or gunmetal black, etc., the high-end atmosphere, please imagine when you have a party with friends at home, the kitchen sink shines like a diamond, How a wonderful moment!Click the link to our colorful sinks.

Last and most importantly, is our commitment to the product as it leaves the factory. We have a very strict quality inspection team and when a scratch is found on the surface of the sink that cannot be repaired, we will scrap it, which will ensure that our sink will still be in perfect condition when it reaches the consumer.