‘Working’ Kitchen Sinks

June 4, 2021
Latest company news about ‘Working’ Kitchen Sinks

‘Working’ Kitchen Sinks

According to the latest kitchen trends.Kitchens remain central stations in today’s homes, going far beyond meal time to serve as entertainment spaces, homework stations, craft areas, home offices and so much more. Each element in the kitchen needs to not only look beautiful, but provide optimal – and often multi – function.

Some of the key trends in kitchen sinks include:

–Sinks with fitted and coordinating accessories – from cutting boards to grids to storage containers – are increasingly in demand, as homeowners want the convenience of prepping all in one place.

–Matte surfaces in hues that can be coordinated with the kitchen design or add a pop of color to help the area stand out.

–The desire for a complete sink and faucet solution, with add ons such as bottom grids and drains included.

–ADA-compliant designs that save an aching back and allow for sitting at the workstation.

–Larger sink bowls, even with double sinks, for handling larger serving pieces and oversized pots and pans.

–Workstations continue to rise in popularity, and have expanded beyond stainless steel to include fireclay, cast iron and other decorative materials and finishes.

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