Why Fooksink ‘ s Kitchen sink’ is expensive?

April 20, 2020
Latest company news about Why Fooksink ‘ s Kitchen sink’ is expensive?

 Why Fooksink ‘ s Kitchen sink’ is expensive?  


First of all, the material is selected from 304 stainless steel imported from South Korea, using cold drawing process and advanced numerical control welding process, which ensures the gloss and beauty of the sink surface.

The surface has been treated with mercerizing, and the soft luster is more elegant for the sink. It is like putting a protective layer on the sink. The oil stain of the sink is not easy to absorb, which can effectively resist the impact, scratches and abrasion without any difference, and extend the service life.

  Many friends worry that the water will make a harsh noise when it falls on the stainless steel, which makes people very uncomfortable. The Fooksink sink series is carefully combined with the soundproof cushion design, which can play a good role in preventing sound, avoiding the very harsh sound of water flowing into the sink, without worrying about disturbing the rest of the family, and adding a quiet and serene life.

Traditional sinks use silicone, plasticine and other sealing methods, but can not be applied and squeezed, resulting in gaps between the sink and the countertop, which affects the appearance and use effect. The Fooksink uses a pre-installed sealing ring and silicone matching method, and then uses self-tapping screws to tighten to better ensure the sealing effect.


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