Stainless steel sink maintenance knowledge

June 23, 2020
Latest company news about Stainless steel sink maintenance knowledge

Stainless steel sink maintenance knowledge


In order to extend the life of the sink, you need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the sink after purchasing the sink:

1. Newly renovated houses should pay attention to opening windows to avoid corrosive gas emitted by the decoration materials.
The surface of the sink is oxidized, so that the phenomenon of floating rust appears in the sink.

2. After using the sink, rinse it with clean water and dry it. Do not leave the sink on the surface.
Iron-containing water (especially newly laid water pipes) may cause brown to form on the surface of the sink
Traces of coloring.

3. Clean the sink and avoid using wire brushes or brushes with rough texture to avoid scratching the sink surface
Injury, affecting the beauty and service life of the basin.

4. The sink should be cleaned frequently, please use a sponge or cloth to clean the sink.
With a neutral cleaner, gently scrub along the surface of the brushed lines.

5. The sink should try to avoid prolonged contact with strong bleaching powder, household chemicals and soap,
If the above happens, you need to wash with water and wipe the sink with a towel immediately.

6. If there are water spots on the sink, it can be cleaned by scrubbing with powder or vegetables.

7. If you accidentally drop the melt of the photographic drug or solder into the water tank, you should immediately clean it with water
Wash to prevent damage to the protective layer on the surface of the sink.

8. If there is floating rust after the sink is installed, it generally belongs to the metal debris present in the installed water pipe
As a result, it usually disappears naturally after normal use, and can also be gently wiped with toothpaste. Suggest

The newly laid water pipe is drained for a period of time to ensure that the metal chips in the pipe are discharged.


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